Suicide Blues



*This is what I came across on one of my morning walks*.

To the person that died here today
I want you to know that even though we did not know each other and even though you thought that jumping off the bridge was the only thought you had today and that nobody would be with you and think of you! . . .

I did!

I have not stopped thinking of you. I have known pain too and wanted to be right where you are now, but found the strength. I am sorry that this act today has brought you comfort. Although only 18 floors separated us I wish I did know you and you could have asked for my help. I would . . .


that’s all I could read, without disturbing the memorial that lay beneath the bridge. The 2 photos I have placed on the side might have been the last sight the jumper saw.
April 10, 2010 was the date of this note left with flowers surrounding it. I felt the need to focus more on the note and what they saw before they died, rather than the after. It makes you think about how there are so many damaged people out there that see no other fix when they are broken. R.I.P, whoever you were.



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