A Life in the Day – My favorite side of town

On the Downtown Eastside today after scouting a location & buying props for a shoot tomorrow. I Love the Eastside and of course the Woodward’s District.

Feel free to call the number for a one or two bedroom (Now Selling Move In Today) if you would like to purchase one for me  . . . please!

And of course I love the “Charles Bar” underneath. It just seems natural that I should live there.


Save on Meat has re-opened!! They have the meat market on one side and right beside it is a restaurant . . . lined up! A must try.

As well as a new place called “Meat & Bread” around the next block, which also had a line up out the door!

Who knew a boarded up window could become abstract art! (2 versions)

A couple of great window displays at Army&Navy. Ravioli & Cheerios!


The black and white pattern is actually a black and white shot of the sand on a ball diamond – the patterns of the heavy rain we had yesterday.

And a few other random shots of intriguing subjects.


Very excited for the location shoot with human(s) tomorrow!


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