Reproduction & Manipulation

Using original  high resolution pictures, reproducing & manipulating them using my iPhone.  The ‘Hearse’ is taken from a Minolta 7000i SLR, developed on a slide. Taking the slide and hanging it in front of a white wall, with a spotlight on it. Reshot again using ‘macro lens’ on Sony Digital SLR and shot again (off the monitor) using iPhone, ran through the PictureShow App.

The old, dirty sepia shots taken in Gastown with Sony Digital SLR, then shot again from the monitor with my iPhone, using the PictureShow App, creating a ‘mirror’ image for some and toning/mood for others. Making them look like a futuristic past.

The Self Portrait “Broken Scream” is multiple exposures using PictureShow, originally taken from 2 images.

‘The Fish’, is just reproduced using the iPhone (PictureShow), as well as the ‘The Tree” and “The Island”, using a mirror image on both of these. There are so many avenues to travel down these days with photography – you just have to let your mind take you there. As far as I am concerned, nothing is impossible.



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