CHALLENGE: "The SkyTrain Project".

May 2012:

For the entire month of May

Tomorrow, a friend and I are riding the Sky Train (or whatever it’s called where you live) and getting off at every station. Using our big cameras and our smart phones (using whatever Apps. you like), maximum 5 photos at each station – using your ‘real camera’, smart phone or both – but only 5 maximum at each station. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have an underground, subway, tube, metro, etc, that’s okay  . . . as long as you were on public transit and are standing at the stop or station while you take the photo. We’re doing it in one day . . . but you can take your time and do it throughout the month of May.

If you want to join the project and don’t have a real camera, just your smart phone is great. All photos can be posted to the wall of ‘A Life in the Day – Robert Charles’ on Face Book. You must LIKE the page first  in order to participate. LINK:


1.       You MUST be at the station or stop, NOT inside the public transit.

2.       5 photos maximum per station. (with a maximum submission of 10 photos)

3.       A Maximum of 5 photos per person will be chosen for the final gallery at the end of May. You can choose to submit 5 of your favourites with a maximum of 10 per person. If you submit 10,  I will choose 5 of the best to enter to the project.

4.       Photos must include: date, name, location, what kind of public transit you were riding.

5.       People, buskers, animals, abstracts, objects  . . .  pretty much anything goes as long as it is taken at or inside the station. No nudity please J

6.       ALL entries will be approved before being posted, so if your post does not appear right away, don’t panic or repost. It needs to be approved first.

7.       I will choose the TOP 5 entries and they will be featured in a public ‘winners’ gallery.

8.       What do you get from all of this? Bragging rights . . . an adventure . . . and some good fun.

I think that is it – have fun, all photos must be submitted by midnight May 30th


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