Sunshine – Downtown Eastside – Brownie – Donuts


Neon & Metal Installation by: Ken Clarke – Hungry Thumbs I must say, his website needs an update!!! It is 14 years old and looks the same as when I first met him way back when. He is a pretty amazing artist though.


Wheat Paste & local band, Swollen Members









Save On Meats



Small graffiti on a cement wall – scary clowns.(my alter ego)


Dominion Barbers

Spent the afternoon in one of my favourite neighbourhoods, the downtown Eastside & Gastown. I love them both because of all the nostalgia, mixed with the new hipsters. street people, junkies, men in suits, dealers, thieves, prostitutes and more. I used my iPhone 4S and my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye for the very first time. It’s amazing how choosy I was when taking a shot knowing that I was using film! With only a 12 exposure, it took most of the afternoon to finish it. Unloaded it and loaded the black and white. Never took any black and white, but managed to waste one, winding past #1. Thinking it was two lines in the viewer – DOH! Anyway, I have 11 black and white shots left, probably for tomorrow.

Pulled over and gave a shout out to a friend walking down the eclectic Hastings Street to meet a friend of his. But time enough to tell me that my new favourite donut shop was just up the street!!

So, when I was all done and heading to the car, I made sure to make a pit stop at Cartem’s Donuterie and took home the Bourbon/Bacon and the donut of the day, the classic chocolate glaze. Yum!

These pics are some of the results – used the TTV (through the viewfinder) APP to see what my Brownie shots might look like. When I get the ‘real’ ones developed, you know I will be posting those.


One response to “Sunshine – Downtown Eastside – Brownie – Donuts

  1. These are all so cool, Rob! Hard to pick a favorite, but I think it’s the bike shadow. Can’t wait to see how the Hawkeye saw the same images…

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