18 Years Ago



So, these may need a little (or big) explanation. Yes, they are penis paintings, something I did 18 years ago. Some people that know me and follow me, might be a bit taken aback. I decided that my penis would be my ‘tool’ so to speak, for this little (or big) project. So yes, I dabbled my dick in the paint and let my artistic mind take over. Not so much did I actually paint, but more of a ‘press down’ to get the imprints and impressions more than abstracts. Although I still have the original, these were all done on one piece. Years later, when I revisited them I decided to digitize them and created 3 separate works, then naming them.

In my opinion, they turned out quite artistic and sellable. They are definitely one of a kind and are now part of their own limited edition of 3.

Sound off . . .


2 responses to “18 Years Ago

  1. actually I think this is very creative and I look forward to the comments.
    I like Penis Envy myself!

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