I am what some might call an Instagram addict (hashtag) #instaaddict #instagramaddict. I started off just lightly using once in awhile, then a bit more frequently. Each day, doing just a little bit more. Some of my friends tell me I am just giving my work away. I feel it is a way for others to see my addiction. The photos are far from full resolution and have my name all over them. So, if you do want to steal my work – I don’t make it that easy.

If you have an Instagram account, you can find me @robertcharles. I am pushing over 600 pics on IG. I may be just 1 more photographer out there in this world of “everyone’s a photographer” – but still feel I have that special vision that you can’t learn.

Intervention? I think not.

Pic#1 – Bizzyb

Pic#2 – Enchanted Whispers Calling I

Pic#3 – Enchanted Whispers II

Pic#4 – Remission

Pic#5 – Citron Presse (original oil painting)

Pic#6 – Carroll Street

Pic#7 – Oneness

Pic#8 – Lost Lagoon

Pic#9 – Speed

Pic#10 – Twins (Self Portrait)



2 responses to “#instagram

    • There is a good mix Zach. A lot were taken with the iPhone and a lot were taken with my Sony & Canon SLR’s, then put them on the iPhone, App’d them and put them through Instagram. I have quite a few photo Apps on my iPhone, so quite often I will post this way for the web, so higher res. and no water marks remain on my computer and feel safe(r) to post my pictures online. The water marks (my name) also come from Apps to add font.

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