McTavish – Family Week


One month today and I will be flying home to this. This is the place  that once a year, the family gathers and we have 7 days of peace and serenity. Some members of my family own this beautiful fishing camp in Northern Saskatchewan, spending most of the summer months bringing their hospitality to many happy fisherman and woman.

Reel North Outfitters – McTavish Lake.

To get out of the stress of city life for a short time and spend it with family will be a pleasure. I have only gone once in the 10 years they have owned it. For me, getting there is like Trains, Planes & Automobiles. Living alone in the big city, it is a bit of a shock spending 7 days and nights . . . 24/7 with 15 or so other people. But there is a lot of love there and most of my family love the great north! With the exception of my mom, who reluctantly goes so she can spend some time with her boy! I appreciate the effort Mom. The countdown has begun!


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