The Colours of George Vamos z’l

So glad that I went to the opening night of this exhibition. The late George Vamos was more than just a painter. He was a renowned architect in Kenya. But quite clearly his passion was for painting. Originally from Budapest, Hungary . . . he eventually settled in Africa, where he met and fell in love with Soedi (Soo-dee).
Their son Geza, had moved to Vancouver and they eventually came to be with their son. Unfortunately George only had 1 year before he passed.

Through all of George’s lifetime, he had accumulated about 1500 paintings of their travels as well as portraits of the people in Kenya. Soedi suffered a stroke in 2006 which has left her partially paralyzed and in a wheel chair. I have only know Soedi in this state. There is something very unique of our acquaintance/relationship and she feels the same as I. I love how her eyes light up the room when she smiles. 🙂

Her and Geza are proud to have these exhibitions of George’s work. Which I might add is priceless, as are the stories they share along with the masterpieces. If you are local and have a chance to take in this show, I would highly recommend it.

XO for Soedi!



20130712-113238.jpg I have been lucky enough to be asked to Soedi’s home for a private showing of more of George’s work. None of the originals are for sale, but prints are and I guarantee I will have no less than 2 on my wall very soon. I can’t even imagine what the entire collection is worth — as I said, priceless!



2 responses to “The Colours of George Vamos z’l

  1. Thank you so much for inviting me along to this show, it is an evening I will never forget. George’s work is truly amazing, and it is very clear to anyone in the room just how much Soedi loves you!

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