September 11 – known to most as 911. Every year on this day, many people around the world reflect upon the day that changed the world. 12 years later – the pace of the world has gotten faster, more technology, more hate, more wars, more killing, more more more. The world seems consumed with more!
Thank goodness we have this day to reflect upon. Yes, there is also November 11th, where we remember all the brave men and women that fought in the war and died doing so. 911 being much more recent, it also makes it much more real for all that recall that morning. We all know exactly where we were and what we were doing. Most of us were glued to our televisions in dis-belief. Having this day of remembrance reminds us of just how little time it took to literally change thousands and thousands of lives. Thankful for this day to bring us back and slow us down to the thoughts that matter more than all the other things that really have no importance. For me, just thoughts.

That day in New York seemed to bring the world a little closer together . . . but I feel that 12 years later we are still destructive with a grim future ahead. There is still threat of war . . . and on a daily basis there is murder, discrimination, hate, violence, power struggles, starvation, 3rd world countries with no hope. We are a consuming world just wanting more and more. Yet, when a date like this comes around it makes me wonder how things could have changed – as humans, we all really want the same things. Love, acceptance and to be heard. The biggest change that came out of 911 was airport security!!! How pathetic is that?!

Of course I am not grouping the entire world into the category of selfish and destructive – there is a lot of great out there too. I can’t control what goes on in the rest of the world, but I can sure control what goes on in mine. I choose love, acceptance and the good of mankind. Good deeds, helping your fellow man, making eye contact and just a smile – these actions might brighten someone’s day and a brighter day brings hope. Grab someone’s hand to help them, give someone a hug, open your soul.

I have never claimed to be a great writer – I speak through my photos. These are just some thoughts on my mind today.

On this same day I congratulate my nephew and his beautiful wife on their 3rd year as ‘man and wife’, married on September 11. They now have a wonderful son.

And I would also like to pay a little tribute to Bailey, one of the “It’s a Dogs Life” dogs. He passed away 2 days ago and glad he got to be part of the little dog show! R. I. P Bailey.


2 responses to “Reflections

  1. “The biggest change that came out of 911 was airport security!!! ”

    That sentence just blows my mind. You would think we would have learned something much more profound. Wonderful words babe… xo

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