Exit 13 – Enter 14 (a bit late)


Okay — so I never posted this, because I never finished it . . So, it’s a bit late . . . .

so how about Gung Hay Fat Choy!! (that’s not as late)



With a book of blank pages ahead of you ready for a new story to be told, only you can let those dreams unfold.
Forget those doors that are slammed in your face,
go to the next door of opportunity and embrace.
Whether you are soul searching or looking for that perfect mate,
Just remember that sometimes in life, it is fate.
Celebrate all that you are and all that you hope – and may 2014 be great!

I have never claimed to be a poet of any sort – and these words just fell into place. Whatever you do or who you do it with just make sure it is done with style and grace. ha!


I don’t want this to be one of those blogs that never updates.

Okay — So I had an awesome birthday gift in December. My last post before this, back in November of 2013 . . . I posted a postcard from my latest exhibition. Great news, I sold the entire exhibit! One piece in the first week to a collector and then the day before my birthday on the 18th . . . within 15 minutes, I sold everything else. One piece to a woman who bought it as a Christmas gift and the other 9 to a Vancouver Tycoon, Hotel owner, developer and all around billionaire. I was beside myself!!exhibition_robert_charles

I even got applause afterwards 🙂 The 9 pieces will soon be hanging in the Sheraton Landmark Wall Centre Hotel in Vancouver. I took down the exhibit a bit earlier than intended and hung 4 new works – “L’Absente  / Remission.


labsente remission





It was a great start going into the New Year and continues on into the end of February.

Still sorting the details, but have 7 pieces going to a project in Calgary, Alberta.

So I will just keep doing what I do and see where I end up.

Thanks for being patient and staying tuned in (if you still are)!


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