The Thing About Life

20140307-181100.jpgLife. The thing about life is you just never know what is going to happen next. You always try and prepare yourself for the news, but when it comes to your parents, it’s just hard to imagine them gone. But that is the thing about life, we are born, we live our lives as we know best . . . Then one day, we get that proverbial knock at the door.

Today, I join my father in his battle with cancer until the day he departs. It is very raw today – but when speaking to my sister today she told me he said he wanted a good lobster dinner and he was going fishing this summer. 🙂 He also said “I am 82, how much time could I have left? I am going to die anyway.” With that attitude, I wish for him (and my mom) a painless and peaceful battle. The cancer is aggressive. Fuck You Cancer!!

I don’t live close to home, so it makes it harder to be away from him. My heart is very close to him and I will be as aggressive as the cancer in making the transition with the positive attitude my father has taken (I’m sure the news today was a bit surreal for him – it sure was for me). We were already somewhat prepared for more positive news (as in non aggressive, operable) but hearing it just makes it so real. I just want to give him and my mom a great big hug.

I just wanted to share and say what a great man my father is. I love you dad. Oh ya – and FUCK YOU CANCER!
Love to my family and my dads huge support group. And with all that support, I think it is time to fill someones bucket list! And if I have my way, there will definitely be some fishing this summer!


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