Sessions with Seniors

A project I have been thinking about for awhile and it has finally started to come together. I knew I wanted to do something with seniors, but just wasn’t sure how it would all come together. Until one day I was walking in the park and saw an old character of man sitting on a chair under a redwood tree reading a really big book. I passed by him, and kept looking back. I couldn’t get the image out of my head. I had to go back! I went back and introduced myself, telling him of my project and that I would be honoured if he would let me take his photo. When he spoke he had a wonderful strong Italian accent!! It couldn’t get better than this!

A couple days earlier an old photo in a box of many photos in a vintage store called my name. To me, this photo was the epiphany! I never bought it the first time – but couldn’t get the image out of my head. After meeting the Italian man in the park, I went back to the vintage shop and thankfully the photo was still in the box.

I am shooting this entire project with my iPhone and most importantly, the Vintage Kodak Brownie that was my grandmothers. I now carry the camera (of course with my iPhone in pocket) with me at all times (well, most times). I want the exhibition to be entirely in black and white film.

20140513-190727.jpgVintage photo from box. A very lonely setting for someone’s son, father, grandfather, brother, uncle . . . I hope that my project will show the ‘happiness & love’ side of getting old too. But photos like this really make you think that not everyone nor every story has a happy ending. Unfortunately, scenes like this are very common.

20140513-190841.jpgItalian man, JB in park.

David – the kindest little Irishman with the bluest of eyes and the deepest of souls.

This is a sneak peak into the beginnings of what I hope to be not only a meaningful, story telling project . . . but an exhibition of a small preview into the lives of the sometimes forgotten citizens of our society who quietly live amongst us . . . with such history and stories to tell.
Simply titled ‘Sessions with Seniors’.


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