This piece ‘Remission’ was seen publicly for only 2 weeks in January.
It is still for sale.
Limited Edition 5.
24″x 24″ Golden wood frame, gallery glass, archival photo paper.

The bottom photo is close up detail of Christ’s feet where the large spike was driven through. Text running up the side quoting the Hebrews 9: 22 — “Without shedding of blood there is no remission.”
Click on photo to see more detail.

I have high hopes for this piece and is one of the most thought provoking works I think I have done to date. In person, it is a striking composition. The 2 words I have heard to describe it are ‘Powerful’ & ‘Beautiful’ . . .
When i first created it, it was not meant to shock, glorify or elicit sin
(violence, lust, greed) . . . It was to me a representation of what I had experienced on that day, July 20, 2012. (almost 2 years to the day) I had watched TV and it was the day of the Colorado shootings. The shooter ‘The Joker’ (he called himself) killing 12 and injuring 70 at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. I couldn’t imagine what would bring someone to this exact moment in their lives. It was like he had to shed all of this blood for forgiveness of his own sins or offenses. Ones he had already committed or was about to commit.

Believe it or not – the trial is still scheduled to begin October of this year. He had described the attack in a notebook, but discussed the notebook with a psychiatrist which was covered by ‘physician-patient privilege’ and was inadmissible in court.

The trial has been delayed several times, because of suicide attempts. Which seems ironic with the defense lawyers offering a guilty plea in exchange for prosecutors not seeking the death penalty. The prosecution declined the offer and the district attorney said: “it’s my determination and my intention that in this case for James Eagan Holmes, justice is death.”

Many troubled souls wander the earth.
Click on photo to see more detail.


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