Tears for my Father

Tears of sorrow, tears of emptiness, tears of relief, tears for my family, tears of joy for all the memories. The loss of my father, my friend, my bud . . . leaves me in a quiet place. My heart hurts, yet I know soon it will be filled again with a flood of memories of our lives.
I am forever ‘the kid’. . .
Mostly I will miss your laughter, your hand on my shoulder when you called me bud and our heartfelt hugs. Goodbyes were always hard for us whenever I returned to my home and life away from you. Our phone conversations meant the world to me and the way I got you to say the “I love you’s” – but between you and I, you were always my best hug and most connected. It’s funny how years pass and people change – I like how we changed, how our relationship changed over the years — I don’t need to tell you how much I love you, because I already know you know. And most importantly – I know how much you loved me – it always showed through your eyes, your smile, your words and those hugs. We never shared a lot of tears – but these last couple months – we got to share those too.
Thank you dad – for being my dad and loving me unconditionally. I will miss you forever.

The Kid




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