It is so easy to let time catch up and pass you. So now it is time to play catch up and fill you in on the last bit of 2015 going forward into a new year, which we are well into already.

Exhibitions and shows were the words for the months of November, December and January. Back in early November of 2015 I participated in a one day ‘Portfolio Walkabout’ at the Gallery that represents some of my work, Truth and Beauty. It was a good experience . . . saw others works and it always amazes me things that sell.


I sold one piece, not at the  actual show, but afterwards the gallery called and someone had seen this piece. If nothing else . . . a little recognition and having conversations that make an impact.


sylvia.jpgNext up was a PopUp Exhibition in early December. It was a fun opening night and the Exhibition was extended an extra week.


I had a record breaking calendar year from the pop up and the December exhibition to follow.  I was sold out in the first week and did a second printing with special orders.


My fellow artists from the PopUp – Donna Tangye & Anne Carson


And for my final trick of 2015 I had a very special exhibition tribute to my father.


This exhibition was extremely well received. I am very thankful I had this opportunity to show this very personal  collection. The impact it had on some people was moving. There were some tears and a lot of hugs through this exhibition. I felt that people could relate to some of the works through their own personal journeys. This particular photo was not a part of the show, but was the postcard for it. I had a lot of different connections pulling this show together – it was an unplanned show, so when it finally came together I was very pleased with the out come. And the constant comparisons to some of the greats – just made it so much better. This exhibition was more about the conversations I had and less about the sales. Although, always happy to send someone home with a piece of my work.


IMG_4779.jpgI am also thankful that my family arrived in Vancouver in January to get to see it all in person. This show will be coming down in the next couple weeks as I plan for the next event.

To catch up on all the little things . . . my art collection is growing . . . I started painting with the great Corey Hardeman. I have a long way to go as a painter, we will see where it takes me.

I am still working on The George Vamos Project. Received word from the Hungarian Consulate that they would like to do coffee table books on his Architecture and his paintings, and perhaps an Exhibition in Budapest.  This is all very exciting, but it means a lot of hard work to pull this all together. I still stand behind my word, that his works are pretty amazing and deserving of any attention they receive.


 I shot a wedding in September – A photo shoot for some major male ‘bling’.

This is the very short version of a ‘catchup’  — we are into 2016 and it is zipping by. I will be back more frequently  (I hope)  . . . to keep up with myself and my evolution.

Why is a caterpillar wrapped in silk while it changes into a butterfly? So the other caterpillars can’t hear the screams. Change hurts!

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